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sakura_splash's Journal

*Sakura Splash* ~ Requests & Graphics by Evandura
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A graphics community by evandura

Welcome to my graphics community, where you can make requests, and find graphics from a range of different genres.

The request posts will have it's set of rules displayed. Be sure to read through so you're familiar with them. Below is simply a summary of them all.
-- Most graphics made by requests will be displayed for all to use.
-- If you request a graphic, be sure to credit me when used!
-- Comments are very much appreciated! ♥
-- Please be nice!
-- Please be patient!
-- Unhappy with your graphic? Please, don't hesitate to inform me. If there's a color you hate, a texture you dispise, or worse yet, the whole arrangement you dislike, TELL ME! Let me know exactly what you don't like and steps will be taken to correct it. ♥

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